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Welcome to VicTesters

VicTesters is an Electrical Appliance Testing and Tagging organisation located in Melbourne, Victoria. We are Test and Tag contractors and supply Test-Tag services all over Melbourne. Our hands-on management has over 30 years of experience in the Electronics and Air Traffic Control Communication Industries. With this background of highly regulated safety and protocol you have the unique advantage of working with an organisation that is also extremely experienced in every aspect of electric appliance and safety switch testing. 

We hope you find our resources section beneficial and ask you to have a look around. 

Our Mission

We are driven by the desire to work with our customers to maximise workplace electrical safety by minimizing risk of accidental electrocution and loss of assets due to unsafe electrical appliances and safety switches. 

Company Profile

VicTesters was formed by Mr. Murray Farrell in June 2004. He has over twenty-five years experience as a Technical Officer providing training and maintenance services in Radio, Electronics, Audio & Communications Systems, Packet Data Networks and Voice Switching Systems. His clients were Technicians, Technical Officers and Engineers maintaining the Australian National Airways System.  Murray was a Senior Training Specialist in data switches and networks for Nortel Networks throughout the Asia Pacific Region. This experience involved provision of specialist training to both customer and Nortel engineers from India to Taiwan and China to New Zealand. 

VicTesters' philosophy is to use standards' compliant equipment to meet or exceed the requirement to establish and maintain your company's safe working environment. 

VicTesters is passionate about electrical safety and provide ethical Portable Appliance Testing and Tagging services to clients in the Electrical Service, Pharmaceutical Industries and Laboratories as well as various small businesses in the trades area. 

VicTesters’ experience for our client base includes the mandated Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Aseptic Practices (GAP), and all aspects of electrical safety for the food and restaurant industry, with a policy of strict adherence to good Occupational Health and Safety Practices.

In GMP, the actions of observing the simple rules is evidence of being able to observe the more complex.

"Shortcuts to Health and Safety are shortcuts to workplace incidents." - Murray Farrell 

Remember Safety is not Accidental

So take action now to avoid possible prosecution over electrical safety issues in the workplace. Fines in Victoria for safety breaches of general duties are 9000 penalty units for corporations ($991,080) and 1800 penalty units or $198,216 for individuals! We can help you meet your workplace health and safety obligations with portable appliance testing and safety switch testing. So when you need Test and Tag in Melbourne....

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