IEC-320 Connectors  


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What are IEC Connectors?

They are a series of connectors specified by the IEC or International Electro-technical Commission based in Switzerland. 

"The nice thing about standards is that we have so many to choose from." 
- Andrew Tanenbaum

There is quite a range and we have seen about eight of them all-told. If someone gets smart and specifies an IEC 320 - C13-C14 lead you'll know it was commonly known as a computer 'monitor lead'. 

The IEC-320 International Appliance Connector Series

Compiled by VicTesters

Rated Current

IEC-320 C1/C2 Connector

0.2 II 65C C1/C2

IEC-320 C3/C4 Connector - Not common in Australia

2.5 0 65C C3/C4

IEC-320 C5/C6 Connector - typically use: Notebook Computer Power Supplies

2.5 I 65C C5/C6

IEC-320 C7/C8 Connector

2.5 II 65C C7/C8

IEC-320 C9/C10 Connector

6 II 65C C9/C10

IEC-320 C11/C12 Connector

10 0 65C C11/C12

IEC-320 C13/C14 - Most commonly used in PC's and PC monitors

10/15 I 65C C13/C14

IEC-320 C15/C16 - Commonly used for domestic kettles

10/15 I 120C C15/C16

IEC-320 C15A/C16A Connector

10/15 I 155C C15A/C16A

IEC-320 C17/C18 Connector - seen on Nilfisk and Kirby vacuum cleaners

10/15 II 65C C17/C18

IEC-320 C19/C20 Connector

16/20 I 65C C19/C20

IEC-320 C21/C22 Connector

16/20 I 155C C21/C22

IEC-320 C23/C24 Connector

16/20 II 65C C23/C24

Green Shading indicates connectors commonly found in Australia


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