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24th February 2006 -- VicTesters is pleased to announce the introduction of a new RCD Tester to it's range of sophisticated safety tools.  VicTesters Technical Manager, Mr. Murray Farrell said recently: - 

"It's no use having a Safety Switch if you don't test it and ensure that it is works as it should.  Many people find having safety switches fitted gives them peace of mind, but they never think to test their operation."

Safety Switches (or RCD's), like all sophisticated electronic equipment items can fail just when you need them most - when you need to protect a life. And that life may be yours. Testing Safety Switches is an obligation under workplace safety requirements. These requirements are specified in AS/NZ 3760:2003 and the test interval varies from installation to Installation. 

Ensuring reliable operation is a simple as conducting a regular 'push button' test and measuring the actual operating time under simulated fault conditions. The Australian Standard AS/NS 3760:2004 requires safety switches to undergo two tests. For example, Type II (30 mA) safety switches in factories, workshops, places of work or repair require a six monthly push button test and an annual operating time test. The results must be recorded in a register and be available for a period of seven years. Other situations and circumstances have their own requirements. 

Many Safety Switch test and measuring units are manufactured overseas and cannot perform the tests required and specified in the Australian Standards.  The Australian Standard compliant testers are almost double the price and many testing organizations are just not prepared to invest in the proper equipment to meet their testing obligations. 

False tripping is often the bane of many users of safety switches. VicTesters can safely and reliably determine trip margins  and perform all tests as specified in AS/NZ 3760:2004 and find faulty appliances. 

Safety Switches are all about piece of mind. They are like the tyres on our cars. We know they are there, but have often no idea about their state of operation. So for your piece of mind, contact VicTesters to test the operation of your safety switches.

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