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New OH&S Act Has Sharp Teeth

Penalties for Individuals to Rise

9th January 2005  -- Managers and Business owners may now find they are personally responsible for breaches of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004. The new Act was passed by Parliament mid-December and it has drastic ramifications for managers and small business owners if they are prosecuted for OH&S breaches. 

Employers breaching general duties risk penalties up to $920,250 as a company and $184,050 for an individual. These provisions in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 will become law in July 2005. No matter your thoughts on Health and Safety, employers are obligated to provide a safe work place with safe practices as far as practicable. 

Responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety cannot be delegated to supervisors or leading hands, especially when they are not given the resources. Ultimately individuals such as senior managers can find themselves liable for unsafe work practices on premises under their control.  Often, it is just lack of planning that leaves an organization at risk. If you need assistance with your compliance issues involving Portable Appliances and Safety Switch Testing Programs or Maintenance Planning and Scheduling feel free to call on the knowledge of VicTesters and their associates. 

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