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Brooke Hanson's Lucky Escape

From a faulty extension lead

20th August 2007  -- according to Energy Safe Victoria :-

"After exhaustive investigations, ESV has concluded that one of the electrical leads supplied by a contractor to power the spa pool being demonstrated by Brooke Hanson did not have a proper earth connection.

The lack of earthing would have resulted in 15 volts AC being injected into the salty, ionised water of the pool sufficient to provide a significant electric shock to a swimmer who had spent a time in the water."

Accordingly, ESV has issued a safety alert requiring that all "Electrical Supplies at Events Must be Compliant and in Working Order" reinforcing the need for Electrical Safety Testing and Tagging. 

Yes Brooke and her sister Jade were very lucky. Electrocution (death) has been known to occur with as little as 24 volts AC.  The real question though is not how much voltage; but how much current passed though her body?   The ionised salts in the pool, coupled with very moist skin can be enough to put her in the danger zone. Accidents occur when a number of circumstances occur at the same time. The other variables are the actual earth resistance and the leakage values in the spa installation which are directly proportional to  the rise in Earth potential.  This situation should never have happened; however one thing we can be sure of is that there is no guarantee that circumstances like this will occur again.

So Please, Please, get your equipment tested and tagged regularly. The risks to life are too great.

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