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Company Loses Appeal

After employee electrocuted

Appeal against $50,000 fine lost

Regional Victoria's largest consulting, engineering and surveying company lost an appeal against a $50,000 fine in the Ballarat County Court last week. TBM Group Pty Ltd received the fine last year after pleading guilty to failing to provide instruction, information, training and supervision to workers so that they could safely perform their work. The company was charged after a worker, a civil engineer who had worked for the company for two years, was electrocuted and sustained serious burns requiring 11 skin grafts to his hands and feet. While the TGM health and safety manual identified overhead power-lines as a hazard, the injured worker had never actually seen the manual. Source: The Ballarat Courier.

So please, always ensure your employees receive appropriate training and safety briefings for the work they are required to do.

Source: OH Reps @ Work, SafetyNet Journal: Issue 42, 15th April 2004


Special thanks to Chris of The Gap, Queensland for alerting us to this article.

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