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Testing and Tagging Quiz

Check out the quiz to see what you know about Portable Appliance Testing and Tagging. We don't collect the results so cannot share in your joy if you score 100% or your embarrassment if you score less than you expected.

So 'Have a Go' and good luck.

1. How often does a Class I (earthed) item require Testing and Tagging in a mechanical workshop?
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
Every 12 months
2. The same workshop has Class II (Double Insulated) items. How often do they require Testing?
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
Every 12 months
3. Appliances are earthed in order to -
Protect the appliance
Protect the user
Protect the installation by blowing a fuse or circuit breaker
4. What is the expected colour of the neutral wire in a single phase lead?
5. A double Insulated appliance has been repaired with a three core flex. How can it pass Testing and Tagging?
By disconnecting the Earth wire in the plug
By cutting the Earth pin off the plug
By replacing the flex with a two core flex

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If you scored 100%, Congratulations!
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