Test and Tag  


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Why Test and Tag?

Because when you don't you place 

  • Yourself, 
  • Your assets and 
  • The lives of your customers and team members at great risk.  

In Victoria, the Occupational Health and Safety Acts of 1985 and its amendment of 2004 Section 21 (2) (a) requires employers to " provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health." Also, there is the requirement to "Monitor the conditions of any workplace under the employer's management and control." Section 22 (1) (b).

Managers, supervisors, leading hands and individual employees can be personally liable for unsafe acts and incidents in the workplace. 

Key Benefits of Testing

  • Maximises Safety of Personnel and Customers;
  • Helps ensure safety of Physical Assets;
    For example a heater plug top melting under concealed panels is a potential fire source;
  • Minimises Personal Liability;
  • Minimises risk of Data Loss -  
    Intermittent power boards can overheat and cause data losses in computer systems;
  • Reduces your overall Risk - 
    Especially when your tester both understands and follows the test procedures for portable electrical equipment as defined in Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760:2003;
  • WorkSafe compliant testing, makes it easier for you to survive a WorkSafe audit.


VicTesters provide a fully compliant Portable Appliance Testing Service. We use Seaward Supernova XE 3760 Portable Appliance Testers. This equipment is at the top of range of available testers and is fully compliant with the latest standards unlike many hand-held appliance testers.  High current and three phase appliances are a problem for all testing contractors, but not with additional specialist equipment available to you through VicTesters enabling accurate 'power-up' testing on higher current single and multiphase equipment items.  

The run or 'power-up' test enables testing on the 'other side' of electronic switches and satisfies the 2003 amendment to AS/NZ 3760.  

Our staff have experience in pharmaceutical, laboratory, cyto-toxic, office, school, retail and small business environments. They are dedicated to making your workplace safe.

We have training in Good Aseptic Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice and Food Premises HACCP (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Points).

Additionally, we are validated for Class 10,000 clean room gowning and access.

Extensive Pharmaceutical Experience
Pharmaceutical, Offices, Laboratories, cyto-toxic environments, Tyvek aseptic gowning for Class 10,000 Cleanroom access.
Schools and Educational Institutions
Flexible solutions in school environments fitting in with your schedules.
Provision of After Hours Services
Minimising disruption to business operations.
Generation of Asset Registers
You can have either paper based or electronic registers and reports supplied on CD.

Test and Tag What?

IT Equipment :
  Computers Monitors Printers
  (240 volt direct powered)

Facsimile Equipment
Appliance & Extension Leads
Power Boards

AV Equipment:
 Video Projectors 
 Overhead Projectors
 Radios and TV's

Safety Switches (RCD's or Residual Current Devices)
Isolation Transformers
Vacuum Cleaners
Desk Lights
AC Adaptors (Plug Packs)
Test Equipment

Staff Tea Rooms
Staff Kitchen Appliances
Mobile Phone Chargers

Display Cabinets
Battery Chargers
Analytical Equipment
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
POS Equipment, Scales, Cash Registers, Conveyors.

Workshop Equipment: 
  Power tools
  Test Equipment


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