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People die every year from accidental electrocution when using portable tools. Safety switches are a must for trades' people and do-it-yourselfers. They provide protection from electrocution from active-to-earth faults especially where cutting and drilling tools are used.

When you or an employee accidentally get connected to the mains for any reason you need to be assured that your safety switch is going to do its job.

If you use a Portable Safety switch, you need to do a 'Push-Button Test' every time you use it to verify that it will at least trip. We recently came across a portable HPM Safety Switch on a construction site. It had been dropped and sustained some minor case damage. The switch mechanism was also damaged  and now the safety switch was faulty. The users never did the 'Push Button Test' and never realised the device was now an unprotected power-board putting them at risk of electrocution.

We perform RCD testing for your peace of mind. 

Key Benefits

  • You stay safe because regular testing detects faulty switches.  
  • Minimize risk of non-compliance with OH&S Acts and Regulations by routinely measuring the operate time and the switch's ability to save a life.  Power surges do damage electronic equipment and switch contacts can become welded on.
  • Identify causes and sources of nuisance tripping.  


We use the top of range Australian Standard compliant RCD or Safety Switch Tester. This equipment can give you an edge in safety and peace of mind. Many electricians cannot even do trip time measurements because they are not prepared to make the investment in your safety.  

Fully Compliant Safety Switch Testing
That's right, we have recently purchased the latest Australian Standard compliant RCD or Safety Switch Tester. It is the Metrel MI 2121-AUS and it verifies that RCD's operate within all of the requirements of AS/NZ 3760 and AS/NZ 3190 standards. This is the tester selected by the Australian Defence Forces. 
Advanced Fault Finding Capability
As well as measuring trip times we can actually measure the switch tripping current and help you identify the cause of false tripping.  Many electricians cannot even do trip time measurements as they are not prepared to make the investment in your safety. 
Portable Safety Switch Testing
We can even test your portable safety switches and protected power boards to ensure that they are still compliant. 
Power Point Safety Testing
Our equipment can also check the wiring of your power points and the earth connection. So if you have a query about power point safety we can test them for you. We can then put you in touch with a recommended and Registered Electrical Contractor to replace any faulty power points and switches for you. 
Test Certificates
As an added service we can provide you with test certificates for your individual safety switches.


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