On-site Repairs  


Price in USD

VicTesters can repair most unsafe appliances on-site.

Key Benefits

  • Minimising your down-time
  • Saving you a service call from your electrician - we are already on-site
  • Making your repairs more economical 


VicTesters has the capability to give carry out repairs on-site and give you expert advice. 

Lead Repairs
It doesn't matter if it's a plug or socket that just needs re-terminating or even replacing, we can do it on site in a few minutes. We carry a range of plugs and sockets to do the jobs that need to be done immediately. 
Appliance Repairs
We can shorten leads, replace switches in appliances and often refit those covers and guards.   
Recommend a Course of Action
VicTesters has experience with complex fully redundant electronic systems used in Air Traffic Control. This makes many of your Test and Tag problems 'old hat' for us and places us in the position to give you expert technical guidance as to how to approach the repair and get your equipment up and running.  

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