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Test and Tag Services

Why Test and Tag? - It's implied as a requirement within the tough requirements of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 under Section 21 which demands a safe place of work. Employers, managers and supervisors who contravene  requirements of the Act can expect some tough penalties.  Managers, supervisors, leading hands and and even individual employees can be personally liable for unsafe acts and incidents in the workplace. 

VicTesters really do understand Test and Tag and we use that understanding to help our clients minimize their risk through Standard's compliant Test and Tag.

Safety Switch (RCD) Testing

You need to feel safe in the workplace and you have installed safety switches. 

But do you have them tested regularly? See how VicTesters can help you with Standards Compliant Safety Switch Testing. 

On-site Repairs

VicTesters can repair your appliances on site. So save yourself the hassles of having to organise repairs to faulty equipment.

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